Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Texas Long Range Plan for Technology

The Texas Long Range Plan for Technology gives a clear vision of what is needed for Texas educators to meet the challenges of preparing learners for their technology-rich future. Some of the major issues addressed by the plan are robust and reliable infrastructure, funding, professional development, equitable access to data and information, and ongoing support. As I perused the report, I was struck by how far the school which I serve as librarian is well on the road to meeting the challenges presented by the LRPT. We already are engaged in decreasing the student to computer ratio with the addition of laptops and wireless carts. All our classrooms are equipped with data projectors and SmartBoards. A full-time Classroom Curriculum Integration Technologist helps teachers integrate technology into their daily instruction and helps orient students on new technology. We are discussing moving toward project-based curriculum.
In the library, I am restructuring instruction to be more student-centered and student-driven. I am hoping to interest more teachers in collaborating in this effort so that students can maximize their time with technology tools. My goal will be to have students doing much more “hands-on” experiences with the various technologies available to them at our school. I have trained students in a variety of “manager” positions that give build self esteem and allow them to become “expert” at something.
I will continue to share technology tips, articles and curriculum related web sites and activities with teachers along with suggestions for ways to integrate technology use into their instructional planning.

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